Turkmen, 172x114 cm, Wool and silk, Turkmenistan

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Classic handmade rug type Turkmen, woven from silk. It is a high quality carpet with a density 1210000 knots / m2.

By Turkmen carpets we mean carpets made in areas such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, East Turkestan, Afghanistan and Baluchistan.
Turkmen carpets include Bashir, Salor, Takke, Tjaudor and Yomut carpets. These rugs began to be called by a common name for a few decades - Bukhara.
The most famous areas of carpet production are Ashgabat, Baharden, Gueok-Tepe, Kisyl-Arwat and Merw.

Name: Turkmen

Size: 172x114 cm

Origin: Turkmenistan

Pile: Wool and silk

Wrap: Silk


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