Custom Carpets

At Carpet City we produce custom-made carpets of any size, design, colours and material, according to the specific wishes of our clients. For most orders, the delivery time is 4-6 months. Come in and share with us your carpet wishes and choose from a large selection of existing designs, or design your carpet together with us!

Many of our clients are excited about creating unique pieces based on drawings made by their children. These carpets could be made for the child’s own room, grandparents or as hanging picture carpets.

Unique Product – Easy Process

The reasons for choosing a custom-made carpet are manifold, ranging from artistic expression, matching colour schemes, replicating an existing carpet in a different size to large building projects of specific requirements. Our design and production team will accompany you through the 5 easy steps:

  1. Inspiration
    The process begins with ideas, drawings, photographs or other objects to inform the design. At Carpet City, you can also browse existing designs for inspiration.

  2. Texture
    You can choose from a range of materials, such as wool, silk, cotton or bamboo silk. A combination of materials may also be used for highlights, shine and fineness.

  3. Size and Shape
    You decide the size and shape of your carpet. It could be rectangular, square, oval, round, or a runner, and unusual shapes are also possible.

  4. Colour
    Once the material, size and shape have been determined, the colour scheme is established. From unicolour to a firework of different dyes and unique combinations of various shades.

  5. Patternr
    The last step consists of creating a pattern or choosing one that fits your needs.

Carpet City will ensure quality control throughout the process and within a few months, you will be enjoying your unique carpet.

If you're interested in a custom made carpet, please contact us through the following form.


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