Qashqai, 170x122 cm, Wool, Iran

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Classic handmade rug type Qashqai, woven from wool. It is a high quality carpet with a density 250000 knots / m2.

Qashqai nomads live in the provinces of Fars and Chusestan and in southern Isfahan, but mainly around the city of Shiraz. Their carpets have a typical red-brown base color. The pattern is bound according to memory, consisting mainly of one medallion in the device, which is repeated in the four corners of the carpet. The motifs include stylized human figures, four-legged animals, birds, trees and flowers. Other designs are inspired by frescoes and columns from Persia to the Persian city of Takht-e-Jamshid, the ancient capital of Persia during the Akhmenid dynasty 550-330 BC. Qashqai nomads are also known for their beautiful saddle
Carpets are woven on horizontal looms. During work, the laces sit on the finished part of the carpet. Even half-nomads, who live a partly settled life, weave their carpets in the same style. One of the best woven rugs is called Kashquli. Carpets woven roughly in this same area are called Gabbeh. Well-made Qashqai rugs are attractive, robust products that tell us about the lives of nomads. The carpets are made of sheep and goat wool with a small mixture of horse hair. Qashqai carpets often consist of a hexagon or a medallion in the form of a diamond inside a larger medallion, from which four hook-like patterns extend.

Name: Qashqai

Size: 170x122 cm

Origin: Iran

Pile: Wool

Wrap: Wool

Number: A.C0003


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