Kerman (1950), 120x62 cm, Wool, Iran

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Classic handmade antique type rug Kerman, woven from wool. It is a high quality carpet with a density 360000 knots / m2.

The ancient city of Kerman is located near the Oasis in the Dasht-e-Lut desert. The city was on one of the important trade routes for caravans touring India and back.
Carpet weaving has a long tradition here and carpets are easily recognizable. The base color is often red. In the pattern, the central medallion reigns in the embrace of a border with a floral motif. Carpets woven before the First World War commonly have motifs of trees, animals and figures. The material and design are usually of very good quality. Modern carpets with the Kerman-Lawar label often have a pattern of a number of flowers in bright colors.

Name: Kerman

Size: 120x62 cm

Origin: Iran

Pile: Wool

Wrap: Cotton

Number: N.9.122


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