Kashan (1940), 66x56 cm, Fine Wool, Iran

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Classic handmade rug type Kashan, woven from very fine wool. It is a high quality carpet with a density 490000 knots / m2.

Kashan lies halfway between Isfahan and Tehran, on the edge of the great Dasht-e-Kawir Desert. Kashan rugs have patterns consisting of a central medallion surrounded by flower motifs. Carpets often have deep red and blue tones.
Carpets are made directly in and around Kashan. Excellent carpets have been made here since the Safawid dynasty in 1502-1736. The carpets are densely woven, the warp is cotton and the hair is very high quality. The patterns consist of beautiful medallions, motifs of figures and trees, but there are also row patterns of flowers. The predominant colors are red, blue and beige.á.

Name: Kashan

Size: 66x56 cm

Origin: Iran

Pile: Very fine loose

Wrap: Cotton

Number: N.7.111


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