Isfahan, 160x110 cm, Fine wool and silk, Iran

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Classic handmade rug type Isfahan, woven from very fine wool and silk. It is a high quality carpet with a density 810000 knots / m2.

In central Iran, east of the Zagros Mountains and west of the desert, lies Isfahan - today one of the most important industrial cities with a population of 1.2 million. In the past, Isfahan was probably one of Iran's greatest monuments. The city is an architectural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful Islamic cities ever. The atmosphere of the Orient can be felt mainly in the breathtaking Imam Square with its two mosques, a palace, parks and old bridges.
There are many carpet studios in and around the city. Some of them like Seirafian, Davari, Enteshar and Haghighi are known all over the world. Their designs are often inspired by tiles from mosques as well as the gardens and palaces of the city. In terms of the composition of patterns, material and design, Isfahan carpets are among the rarest. They are thin and often woven very densely.

Name: Isfahan

Size: 160x110 cm

Origin: Iran

Pile: Fine wool and silk

Wrap: Silk

Number: N.4.127


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